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"Hearts are not had as a gift, But hearts are earned..."

24 February 1988
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Ok Not Much to Say Really My Name is Chantelle Bunce I am 18 Years old and studying GNVQ I.C.T at College , In my Spare time (When i have any) I love to spend time with my boyfriend , Surfing the Net and Making Fan Art (Icons Mainly)

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My Loves Include

[Rose+The Doctor]
[Jack and Gwen]
[Owen and Gwen]
[Captian Jack]
[and everything else to do with Torchwood and Doctor Who]

I am also one for making websites and useing HTLM Codes alot for some reason i sometimes have urges to make websites kitted out with home-made graphics then i never use them but still i can't stop making them it's like an addiction.

Anyway thats all really..sorry about rambaling on hope to talk to you all soon


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